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Wavelinc Communications LLC has started construction of a next generation fiber optic internet, telephone, and TV network in Crawford County. This network will be capable of GIGABIT internet speeds to homes and business's in the project areas.

Due to high costs associated with the construction of the fiber optic network we are asking for pre sign-ups to determine which projects get priority. If you are interested please fill out the form below.

Initial Projected Construction Routes Below:


Frequently Asked Questions about fiber internet.

What or who is Wavelinc?
Wavelinc is a current Wireless ISP that has been servicing Crawford and surrounding counties since 2004.

Is fiber the best internet? I thought wireless was better?
Wireless signals have liminations to speed and range. The further you are from a tower the slower the speed.
Fiber optic internet does not slow from 1 mile to 10 miles the speed at the end of the fiber cable is the same.

How fast is fiber optic internet?
We plan on initially offering residential plans with a max speed of 1 gigabit-per-second (1000mbps download/upload)
There will be a smaller plan in the 100mbps speed range.

What is the cost of fiber optic internet?
Budget low cost residential plans of 100mbps speeds will start in the $60-80/month price range.
Ultra fast gigabit speeds of 1000mbps will start in the $100-125 price range

Will there be an installation cost?
Installation cost will be in the few hundread dollar price range.

Will there be phone or TV service available as a bundle?
Wavelinc currently offers phone service with our current wireless offerings and we are
considering offering TV service as well depending on how much demand there is for the TV service.

What price range do you see the bundled TV, Internet, Phone service at?
We anticipate the triple bundle service would be in the $150-190/month price range.

What markets do you currently anticipate servicing?
We are initially looking at targeting markets in the Crawford County Ohio area with a possibility of adjacent counties.

What will make my road have a better chance at getting fiber run down it?
The more pre-signups we receive in an area will make that area more likely to get fiber.

When do you expect to have new service availabile?
We are looking at having customers hooked up within 6-9 months of a neighborhood
receiving enough pre-signups to justify a fiber build out.

If you cant wait for Fiber and need internet service today
please visit www.wavelinc.com to see if you can receive
our current wireless internet service.

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